An IUL is a unique tool that uses the rules and laws of life insurance to give you access to tax free income. If you want long term protection and/or tax free growth an IUL may be a great option for you.

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IULs can be very beneficial to those who are looking for permanent coverage that includes a death benefit paid out to their beneficiaries after their passing. However, IULs are more than just permanent coverage. These policies may also increase in value, giving you as the policyholder, complete access to the cash value component to borrow from.

Other advantages include:

The cash value component grows tax free and is safe from market losses!

The death benefit isn’t subjected to income taxes!

You can access the cash value at any time, with no worries of penalties!

Your premiums are completely adjustable!

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Life insurance serves as a promise to your family that they will be financially protected when you are gone, and with an indexed universal life insurance policy, you’ll even have the coverage you need during your retirement.

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